Email Security: the Significance of Outbound Threats

Email Security: the Significance of Outbound Threats
Niki Jones

It’s common knowledge that online threats are not limited to those posed by fraudulent and malicious websites. Anyone with an email account and a rudimentary understanding of cybersecurity knows to browse their inbox with a healthy dose of paranoia. To keep our computers and networks secure, we’ve all learned to spot a suspicious URL and have developed an eye for grammatical errors. Spam filters get filled, and persistent addresses get blocked, all in an effort to avoid viruses, phishing, and other malware. It’s this focus on inbound threats, however, that creates blind spots in email security.

From a security and confidentiality perspective, outbound communications (those being sent from your computer) are of equal concern to inbound (those being received). Unfortunately, most email security providers focus on inbound attacks, even going so far as to downplay the significance of outbound threats. Luckily, Technic offers Exchange+, a hosted-exchange email service that builds on the strength of the trusted Microsoft Exchange and enhances its performance by utilizing tools that defend against both inbound and outbound threats: Cloud Filter and Safe Send.

Cloud Filter protects against the threats we all worry about: hackers and malware. Rather than defending the computer, itself, however, Cloud Filter moves your email to the highly secure Cloud, where it is protected from inbound threats. With the Cloud as a buffer, you can be sure the messages in your inbox are coming from a trusted source.

For the often-overlooked outbound threats, Exchange+ uses Safe Send, adding an extra layer of security and defending against email abuse within your organization. By preventing confidential information from being leaked via email, Safe Send safeguards your company’s reputation and trade secrets.

Beyond Cloud Filter and Safe Send, Exchange+ offers a variety of other email security applications, such as Secure Store, Cloud Mail, and Bracket – an email encryption application. Click here to learn more about Technic’s email services.