Clouds: Your Forecast for the 2020s

Clouds: Your Forecast for the 2020s
Niki Jones

The word “cloud” floats everywhere in tech talk. From the personal phones and tablets on our coffee tables and nightstands to the corporate offices of Fortune 500 companies, the cloud now touches almost all internet technology we use. It’s for more than backing up photos on your smart phone, however. Cloud technology’s versatility and cost-effective nature makes it one of the most powerful IT solutions small businesses have at their disposal.

Cloud technology brings flexibility to managed IT services by allowing organizations to build solutions customized to their needs. Cloud-based applications put a plethora of email, backup, and security tools in the hands of users, and business owners can choose and pay for only the ones they want. Your organization’s cloud capabilities can be as focused or as broad as your project calls for and can even be scaled up or down to meet future needs. Technic, for example, offers a variety of applications for Microsoft Office 365, including CloudFilter, SafeSend, and SecureStore that are available individually or as a bundle with other applications. Click here to learn more about our cloud applications.

One of the biggest costs reduced by cloud technology is that of time spent recovering from data loss caused by failing hardware. Because cloud data is not stored on hard drives, it can be accessed from almost any Internet device. This ability to access data wherever there is Internet access gives businesses peace of mind that a disaster or technical malfunction will not interrupt workflow. It also gives workers the ability to access, edit, and save their work on the go and teams the opportunity to collaborate remotely, whether from the other end of town, the opposite coast, or the other side of the world. Click here to learn more about back up and accessibility.

Whether you’re looking to reduce costs, improve security, or enhance productivity, Technic’s cloud services and applications can form IT solutions tailored to your organization’s needs and the scopes of your projects.