Remote Monitoring and Management that Never Rests

Remote Monitoring and Management that Never Rests
Niki Jones

Rain, sleet, and snow. This winter has brought – and continues to bring – that and more. Roads have been closed, work missed, and delays had. Winter weather interrupts workflow and causes headaches over deadlines. The occasional power outage, too can cause data loss, tying up hours and resources, once the lights come back on. The unpredictability of the season can make it difficult to plan your work and work your plan. Amid these changing variables and shifting priorities, however, there’s one constant: Technic is keeping an eye on things. With ‘round the clock remote monitoring and even a 24-hour help hotline, we pull the all-nighters, so you can sleep soundly.

Our remote monitoring and management (RMM) services allow data to be continually backed up to the cloud, updates made, and maintenance performed, all while you’re away from your desk. By combining monitoring with automated processes, IT tickets are generated as soon as issues are detected. These tickets are then sent to Technic be resolved, often before anyone on your team is aware of a problem. Click here to learn more about RMM.

For the times you are aware of an issue, especially while putting in long hours, Technic offers an After Hours Priority Support hotline. As part of a 24/7 Emergency Response package, this hotline is combined with remote monitoring as well as a suite of emergency response solutions, meaning our team is standing by and ready to address whatever IT concerns might arise, regardless of the hour or the weather. Click here to learn more about 24/7 Emergency Response.

By utilizing cloud technology, cutting-edge RMM software, and the 24-hour availability of a dedicated team, Technic takes a hands-on approach to monitoring and managing your network without having to leave our offices – and without requiring you to get to yours.