IT Solutions for Remote Work

IT Solutions for Remote Work
Niki Jones
IT Solutions for Remote Work

There’s no need to address the microscopic elephant in the room. In a matter of weeks, it’s changed the ways we live and work, blurring the line between home and office. Remote work, once seen as a luxury for free lancers or a tool for on-the-go management has become the staple of a new lifestyle that will be with us for the foreseeable future. Maybe your organization is scrambling to implement its own work-from-home policy. Maybe your office was an early adopter, when setting up remote work capabilities was still seen as a precautionary measure, and your team is now working out the bugs. In either case, remote access and monitoring are likely top of mind, right now.

While current affairs have many employees working from the comfort of home, responsiveness and adaptability are, now more than ever, a matter of survival for their employers. Implementing and maintaining IT solutions for remote work must be done quickly. That’s why Technic is making Cisco Meraki available to the countless IT managers who are working each day to keep their organizations up and running. Meraki is a single tool that addresses multiple remote work needs and allows managers to monitor employee networks through cloud management. In just a few steps, managers can create a site-to-site VPN over a WAN link while ensuring continuity through cellular backup. Because security is paramount, Meraki utilizes an encrypted tunnel to allow remote network access via Wi-Fi. The service also keeps end-user devices secure, even while they are offline.

Because time wasted is money lost, Meraki also allows managers to remotely troubleshoot employee connectivity issues, and support is available 24/7. Better yet, Meraki devices require minimal setup, turning homes into offices upon plug-in.

Many of Technic’s unique IT solutions can enhance remote work capabilities, as well. Our cloud-based email, backup, and security applications can be combined to form endless IT solutions scaled to the needs of an organization, allowing them to be as focused or as broad as the job calls for. We offer a variety of applications for Microsoft Office 365, including CloudFilter, SafeSend, and SecureStore that are available individually or as a bundle with other applications. Learn more about our cloud applications here.

Our new work reality also means there isn’t always a colleague in the office to backup or retrieve files. Remote monitoring and management (RMM) services, however, allow data to be continually backed up to the cloud. Updates and maintenance can also be performed from outside the office. Technic, for example, supplements its remote monitoring capabilities with automated processes, allowing IT tickets to be generated and issues resolved, often before anyone on your team is aware of a problem. Learn more about RMM, here.

As remote work becomes less a matter of convenience and more a social responsibility, the ability to not only complete work from home but also maintain the daily operations of an office is becoming increasingly valued. The flexibility it provides is imperative to the health of both an organization and its employees.