Telemedicine IT Solutions Ease Strain on Healthcare Providers and Give Patients Peace of Mind

Telemedicine IT Solutions Ease Strain on Healthcare Providers and Give Patients Peace of Mind
Niki Jones

While the COVID-19 pandemic has strained the healthcare system and has doctors, nurses, and administrators working harder than ever before, it has resulted in a second unprecedented circumstance, as well. Patients are hesitant to visit healthcare facilities over matters unrelated to COVID-19. In many cases, they are discouraged from doing so. Even if patients were comfortable visiting doctors’ offices during a pandemic, would the healthcare system be able to handle the additional burden? The increasing popularity of telemedicine software, however, provides healthcare providers with IT solutions that allow patients to maintain social distancing and doctors to accommodate greater numbers of appointments.

The term “telemedicine software” describes video chat IT solutions that are HIPAA compliant. Standard video chat platforms like Facetime, Skype, and Zoom are not secure enough to ensure patient confidentiality. Telemedicine, however, involves more that enhanced security.

Beyond video, this type of software includes functions that enhance the user experience for both provider and patient. Practice management, electronic health record, and eligibility verification features are integrated into telemedicine platforms, as a patient-facing mobile apps that allow care to be accessed from anywhere.

Because the provider-patient relationship is built on trust and the assurance of a high quality of care, telemedicine platforms allow for customized branding. This lets patients know that they can expect to receive the same level of care as they would at the office or urgent care they are used to visiting.

Physicians, nurses, and their aides have an in depth technical understanding of the human body. We use our own technical knowledge of software and hardware to ensure that these professionals can continue providing vital services during this critical time. Technic can install and setup telemedicine software, and train doctors, staff, and administration on how to use it.

To add convenience to already busy schedules, Technic also offers Fujitsu lifebooks. These touchscreen laptops also utilize voice recognition technology, making them ideal for keeping hands clean.

If your practice is ready to implement telemedicine services to maintain social distancing and provide care to an even larger number of patients, Technic can give you the treatment you need! Call (570) 955-3838 or click here to learn more.