Get a Head Start on Remote IT Services

Get a Head Start on Remote IT Services
Niki Jones
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As northeastern states continue to ease COVID-19 restriction, it’s tempting to relish the small semblances of normalcy that come with this break from lockdown. For those of us who have returned to the office, coworkers are a welcome site after months of remote work, and coffee or lunch from a favorite café is a welcome treat, even if it’s just curbside pickup. Perhaps it’s the knowledge that we may have to return to our home offices in a few months that makes these everyday things, once taken for granted, feels special. However, this anticipation of an impending second wave is precisely why this summer should be a time of preparation, as well. Businesses should assess what was done correctly during lockdown and what can be improved, come the colder months. IT services should be central to these discussions.

When planning for a potential second wave of lockdown, business owners should focus on remote access and remote monitoring & management (RMM). Counter intuitively, the performance of in-office hardware like workstations and servers should also be analyzed.

Keeping a team of remote workers up and running requires IT managers to stay on top of multiple variables – VPN, security, and troubleshooting, to name a few. Fortunately, there is a single tool that address these needs and more. Cisco Meraki, available through Technic, allows employee networks to be monitored through cloud management. Managers can create a site-to-site VPN over a WAN link while ensuring continuity through cellular backup. For your organization’s security, Meraki utilizes an encrypted tunnel to allow remote network access via Wi-Fi. The service also keeps end-user devices secure, even while they are offline, and allows managers to remotely troubleshoot employee connectivity issues.

Remote work often leaves employees wondering what is happening at the office in their absence. Lockdown found many IT manager having to make trips to the office in order to resolve technical issues. Remote monitoring & management services provide peace of mind by allowing data to be continually backed up to the cloud, updates made, and maintenance performed without anyone from your team having to leave home. In fact, Technic combines monitoring with automated processes for timely problem solving. IT tickets are generated as soon as issues are detected. These tickets are then sent to Technic be resolved, often before anyone on your team is aware of a problem. Click here to learn more about RMM.

Some IT issues encountered during remote work stem from problems with in-office hardware. Now that many offices are reopening, this is the time to assess the age and performance of workstations and servers that will need to be accessed remotely, should a second wave of the pandemic result in another lockdown. Technic IT provides and installs HP Business Class workstations and servers, which feature cloud-managed ESET AntiVirus, HitMan Pro malware protection, continuous data backup, and Microsoft 365. Click here for more information on Technic’s remote monitoring & management service, workstations, and servers.

Since the health and safety of your employees and ours is top of mind, Technic’s IT professionals follow all social distancing precautions while performing work in client offices. Masks are worn, hands get washed and sanitized, and a six foot distance is maintained at all times.

As a small business ourselves, Technic IT understands the challenges faced by our clients. We’re here to keep your business running even more smoothly than during the first round of lockdown. Let’s make a plan.