IT Solutions for Cybersecurity Can Help Small Businesses Ride the Second Wave

IT Solutions for Cybersecurity Can Help Small Businesses Ride the Second Wave
Niki Jones

The COVID-19 pandemic has everyone thinking about safety and security. Where do we feel less at risk? Around whom do we feel more at easy? Facemask have joined wallets, keys, and phones on our morning checklists before we leave home. While a lot of employees have returned to their offices as part of many states’ phased reopening plans, countless organizations continue utilizing remote work for the safety of their teams. The way we work has undergone rapid changes over the past six months, and while physical security is paramount, this is also an opportunity for small businesses to reassess their IT solutions for cybersecurity. With a second wave looming, now is the time to shore up your VPN connection and remote access and make certain your communications are secure.

Remote work has blurred the line between personal and work computers, meaning IT managers now need to consider the laptop sitting on a coworker’s kitchen table the same as they would a desktop in the office. Learn more about the cybersecurity concerns this creates, here:

Connectivity must be fast, reliable, and secure. Does your current setup allow for centralized control over company-issued devices, corporate data, and applications? Is your existing architecture PCI and HIPAA compliant?

The above are all important things to consider, but a comprehensive approach to cybersecurity will account for numerous variables specific to your organization. Technic’s Cloud-based security solutions, for instance, allow for scalability to your company’s needs. To learn about Technic’s full range of cybersecurity services, visit

The “new normal” has also impacted the way we communicate. A question that once required a short walk to a coworker’s desk is now asked via email. Prior to the pandemic, email was already the main form of professional communication, but the new remote work culture has made it more important than ever. As such, email should be a key area of focus in your cybersecurity strategy.

Any IT manager knows that inbound emails are a primary source of malware and phishing scams, but the experienced manager knows that outbound communications are of equal concern. This is why Technic offers Exchange+. This hosted-exchange email service enhances the already powerful Microsoft Exchange with Cloud Filter and Safe Send, applications that defend against inbound and outbound threats, respectively.

Cloud Filter protects against hackers and malware, but rather than defending the computer itself, it moves your email to the highly secure Cloud, where inbound threats are filtered out. With the Cloud as a buffer, you can be sure the messages in your inbox are coming from a trusted source.

Safe Send, adds an extra layer of security by defending against email abuse within your organization. By preventing confidential information from being leaked via email, Safe Send safeguards your company’s reputation and trade secrets.

In addition to these applications, Exchange+ offers a variety of other features, such as Secure Store, Cloud Mail, and Bracket – an email encryption application. To learn more about Technic’s email services, visit

Cybersecurity in unprecedented times requires unprecedented attention to detail. Taking the time to plan ahead this summer could mean fewer threats and more productivity this fall and winter.