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Technic IT is a Managed Services provider located in Dunmore, PA. For more than 30 years, we have provided customized IT service solutions to a broad range of clients and industries. As a Managed Services provider, we bring enterprise-level IT to many small businesses, providing 24/7 remote monitoring, and immediately addressing any issues that can impact our customers’ data availability and security.

Strong relationships with top tech companies enable us to provide PCs laptops servers software phone systems network equipment VOIP anti-virus workflow systems web hosting Office365 Exchange Apple more

Specializing in HP, Cisco, and Apple, we provide a full line of computer hardware to ensure your business is equipped with the latest technology. Let us provide you with a competitive quote for all of your office hardware needs.

Workflow Management

Technic IT Group is a leading provider of Financial, Healthcare, Workflow and back-end database solutions. We are experts in Microsoft SQL Sever and offer cloud, on-premise, and hybrid solutions that streamline business processes and reduce inefficiencies. We also offer a full range of Software solutions to keep your systems up to date and secure.

Business Phone Systems/VOIP

Never miss a call again, Get a wide variety of voicemail options, coordinate your business phone messages with Microsoft Outlook, and set up conference calls. Experience dozens of office features with our phones that you may not have known were possible. Our business VoIP features are designed to benefit all industries including legal practices, construction, hospitality, consulting firms, real estate, insurance, higher education, healthcare, the auto industry and more!


We can provide your business with the latest in Antivirus & Anti-Malware solutions to help prevent cyber attacks and keep your business running securely.

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