Cybersecurity & Compliance

Managed Security Solutions We Offer

Intrusion Detection & Prevention

We supply and manage your security at the edge to prevent any intrusion or infection from reaching your systems. Security and Firewall Devices block unwanted traffic, data protection to filter and monitor content, antivirus software reports to security devices, and
anti Malware blocks spam at enterprise level and scans encrypted email for viruses. Whatever the vector of attack, we have the tools and the talent to stop it.

Secure VPN & Remote Access

Products built from the ground up for cloud management deliver fast, reliable connectivity for the modern teleworker.  Centralized control over devices, users, and applications leveraging flexible access policies and rich security. Cloud enables scalability for networks of any size.
Environment ensures secure, PCI and HIPAA compliant architecture.  Fault tolerant design, real time web-based diagnostics, monitoring, reporting, and much more.

Endpoint Protection

Our cloud based hosting solutions ensure that your critical sites and applications are secure, available, and running at peak performance. Your solutions are critical to your business and your customers. Our managed hosting solutions ensure your success. Contact us today to learn more about how we can provide always on, always available, and always secure services to your business.

Compliance & Security Review

This cloud-based service changes every facet of your technology systems, starting with email. It goes without saying that in the modern business world, sending emails comprise the primary mode of professional communication. That’s why it is absolutely critical that your email service is as stable and efficient as possible. Technic’s cloud-based services include a securely hosted Microsoft Exchange server, providing peace of mind that your communications are protected and secure.

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