Work From Home

Multiple Work from Home IT Services, One Device

Home-based workers face enough distractions. Simplicity is key in ensuring great work comes out of home offices. Cisco Meraki, available through Technic, is a single device that provides multiple work from home IT services.

IT managers who work remotely can monitor employee networks through cloud management. They can also create a site-to-site VPN over a WAN link while ensuring continuity through cellular backup.

For your organization’s security, Meraki utilizes an encrypted tunnel to allow remote network access via Wi-Fi. The service also keeps end-user devices secure, even while they are offline. It also allows managers to troubleshoot employee connectivity issues remotely.

The Cloud: Remote Work’s Silver Lining

The Cloud’s versatility comes from the fact that data is not stored on hard drives. It can be accessed from almost any Internet device, wherever there is an Internet connection. This gives workers the ability to edit and save their work – from home and on the go.

Learn how your team can collaborate remotely, whether from the other end of town, the opposite coast, or the other side of the world.

Cloud technology allows for flexible work from home IT services by letting organizations customize solutions. Services can be scaled up or down according to future needs. Business owners can choose and pay for only the necessary services.

Cloud-based applications put a plethora of email, backup, and security tools in the hands of users. Technic offers a variety of applications for Microsoft Office 365. These include CloudFilter, SafeSend, and SecureStore, which are available individually or as a bundle with other applications.

If you’re interested in taking your office to the Cloud, Technic’s suite of applications will help you make the move.

Remote Monitoring & Management (RMM)

Remote work often leaves employees wondering what is happening at the office in their absence. Remote monitoring & management services provide peace of mind by allowing data to be continually backed up to the Cloud. Updates can be made and maintenance performed while employees remain safely at home.

Technic combines monitoring with automated processes for timely tech support. IT tickets are generated as soon as issues are detected. These tickets are then sent to Technic to be resolved, often before anyone on your team is aware of a problem.

Here’s how Technic’s RMM services and customer care can strengthen your office’s work from home strategy.

Security Wherever Your Team Is

Remote jobs have blurred the line between personal and work computers. IT managers must consider both the desktops in the office and the laptop sitting on a colleague’s kitchen table.

Connectivity must be fast, reliable, and secure. Does your current setup allow for centralized control over company-issued devices, corporate data, and applications? Is your existing architecture PCI and HIPAA compliant?

Technic’s Cloud-based security solutions allow for scalability to your company’s needs. We offer a full range of cybersecurity services.

Don’t Forget the Office

Some IT issues encountered during remote work stem from problems with in-office hardware. Your office’s work-from-home-strategy is only as good as the workstations and servers being remotely accessed.

Technic IT provides and installs HP Business Class workstations and servers. These feature cloud-managed ESET AntiVirus, HitMan Pro malware protection, continuous data backup, and Microsoft 365. Explore our variety of remote monitoring & management services, workstations, and servers.

Work from Home with Fewer Limitations

In the 2020s, your office is wherever your team is. It’s time to lead your employees into this exciting, convenient new world of work!

Contact us today to see how Technic can strengthen your remote work capabilities. You’ll feel right at home!

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